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You are loved, and don't you forget it!!

What is love? I Corinthians 13:4a defines love as patient and kind (New Living Translation, 1996/2015). I must admit that I have always thought about this as how I should love others (and it is), but the truth is, that I must love myself in this manner too. I must be patient and kind with myself as I seek to extend patience and kindness to others. As a teacher, with 22 students that I pour into on a daily basis, it is sometimes tricky to reach each student with the complete love (exhibited through patience and kindness) that they deserve. But, in a moment of transparency, I confess that the “daunting” task of loving them all is sometimes more “daunting” than it should be, because I have not taken time to extend the love, through patience and kindness to myself. The negative self-talk that I allow to take precedence in my mind outweigh the loving (patient & kind) being that I was created to be; the loving being that I am. Plainly put, “you can’t pour from a cup that is empty.” I have found that the days that I am able to walk in my divine calling as a teacher, while exhibiting patience and kindness, are the days when I begin my morning in the presence of the ultimate love, Jesus Christ! It’s in His presence that I am affirmed and loved, and reminded of his patience and kindness towards me. It is then that I am able to pour patience and kindness (love) into my students even when they aren’t acting so favorably 🧐...I am able to CHOOSE LOVE! While I am not a birth mom YET (faith works 󰚕), I liken myself to mom, as I navigate teaching and learning with my 22 3rd graders! From conversations with birth moms, there are some striking similarities 😉. So, as you all navigate teaching kiddos at home, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, just know that you have more patience and kindness (love) in you than you think! When planning and structuring lessons and schedules, while kiddos are being...kiddos 🤪, CHOOSE LOVE! When lessons flop, creative juices aren’t flowing, and/or kiddos don’t seem to understand what you are working so hard to teach them, CHOOSE LOVE! When the many obligations in life seem to take precedence over learning and you feel like you have failed as a mommy-teacher, CHOOSE LOVE!!! And, as you CHOOSE LOVE, don’t forget to remember that you ARE LOVED!! You are loved by your kiddos who count on you and look up to you each day. You are loved by us teachers who spend eight hours a day at school with kiddos but can’t imagine all that goes into those hours outside of the eight hours at school… We call you all superheroes! Most importantly, you ARE LOVED by Jesus Christ! This one was for you mamas! You are loved, period ❤️.

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